Soothes irritability, anger and stress
30 day supply


Ideal for those tough days at the office, in traffic, or with mansplainers, Un-Anger tincture can help you recenter, regroup and release if your stress manifests as an anger reaction or feeling irritable:

  • Reduces frustration and edge 
  • Brings calm to mood and body 
  • Pleasant taste, potent effects 
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Gluten Free

“The anger that many women feel—and suppress—is natural. It’s a sign you and your body need attention. Plant remedies were used long before pharmaceuticals. It’s a safe way to rebalance the many systems within us.”

Dr. Jillian Stansbury
Naturopathic Physician,
Healing Arts Apothecary
Wile Formulator & Medical Advisor

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What's a tincture?
Tinctures are highly concentrated herbal formulas in liquid form. You can drink or "dropper" them directly into your mouth to get the benefits of the active ingredients even faster than a capsule, gummy or candle as they do not need to be broken down in your stomach. They go directly into your system, particularly if you squirt them under your tongue.
Can I use Un-Anger Tincture every day?
Yes. Our formulas are made up of all natural ingredients and can be used for daily support whether you are menopausal or not.
Can I use Un-Anger Tincture with other medication?
Our products are all-natural and can be used in conjunction with other Wile products. Please speak to your primary physician before taking Unanger Tincture with other medications.
Can I use Un-Anger with the other tinctures or products?
Absolutely. Our product line is designed to mix and match. You can take more than 1 type of tincture in the same day, or pair it with our capsules or drinks.
How do I use Un-Anger tincture?
This is an herbal tincture with a dropper inside. Use a full dropper (or 2) directly into your mouth, under your tongue or on it. Some people prefer to add the tincture to water or tea.
What is the shelf life?
18 months.

What To Know