It's your power.
Take it.

Over 40ish? Find the right supplements to work with your body, mind and mood.

It's not you.
It's your hormones.

Start earlier, and perimenopause will travel more lightly.
Start wherever you are, and feel more like yourself.
Improves mood
Manage stress
Fewer mood swings
Smoother periods
Less intense PMS
Reduce hot flashes

Is It Normal...

To get dizzy easily?

For 3 am random wakeups?

To smell different?

To go middle rager

For sudden cankles?

To sneeze or wheeze?

To feel the #$@$ it?

For sudden onset tummy?

To forget.. wait...what?

For sex to hurt?

Yes, absolutely normal.
But why live with it?

Build Your System

Peri is never the same. How can your plan be?

Hot Flash

Handle the #1 issue & nothing but.

40+ Period Support

Unpredictable periods? No thank you.

40+ Hormonal Wellness

Get ahead of perimenopause or smooth it out.


Manage daily absurdity and improve your inner ballast.


Get a ritual for on-demand H.E.L.P. for stress, mood and what comes with them. 


Irritable? On edge? Ready for a fight?


Jittery? Fretful? In the spin?

Burnout Relief

A must for 2020s living Drinking Your Feelings.

Drinking Your Feelings

Anti-Stress Eating Chai. Yep, you read that right.

“This is the product of thousands of hours of working with women inside my practice. It’s a process of listening and understanding our lives and bodies.

I formulate for them and now I’m excited to help many more take the reins of their own well-being and transformation through this era of life. Feeling ‘old’ is optional. Plants truly do have the capacity to work with us to return us to our full power and perhaps find something even better.”
Dr. Jillian Stansbury
Naturopathic Family Physician,
Healing Arts Apothecary
Clinically backed
100% plant derived


Plants work almost as
hard as women do.

Feel like you again without synthetic formulas. Wile uses adaptogens, phytoestrogens nervines, all clinically backed.
The Science