Stave the Crave
Stave the Crave
Stave the Crave
Stave the Crave

Stave the Crave

Delicious chai reduces cravings & stress eating
30 day supply


Stave the craves with a functional chai designed to curb sugar cravings, stress eating and stress in general. 

  • Replaces and reduces unwanted indulging driven by boredom, stress, or other emotional triggers
  • Helps manage stress with adaptogens
  • Boost your bev - add to tea, coffee, matcha, lattes or another hot beverage 
  • No refined sugar, dairy, or caffeine
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Gluten Free

"I'm picky and sensitive, and I like this!"

- Tara, 45

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Can I use Stave The Crave every day?
Yes. Our formulas are made up of all natural ingredients and can be used for daily support. However, limit yourself to 3 servings daily - these are potent formulas!
Can I have Stave The Crave with other supplements or medications?
Our products are all-natural and can be used in conjunction with other Wile products. Please speak to your primary physician before taking Drinking Your Feelings with other medications.
What does Stave The Crave taste like?
It's a classic chai flavor but it does have a bit of peppery kick! It's also a bit less sweet than many chai drinks.
How do I drink Stave The Crave?
Mix it anything you'd enjoy with chai. We love it in coffee or tea, especially ginger tea. It's tasty in warm milks or with nut butter-based smoothie or vanilla or plain protein powders or even yogurt. It's mixable in plain hot water, but we don't recommend it in cold water.
Is there caffeine in Stave The Crave?
No, there is no added caffeine nor any artificial stimulants in this formula. However, we find it leaves us feeling a "good" energy. It's a nice change from slamming another cup of coffee when we're feeling tired or under pressure and want something to keep us going. (That's often when women stress eat.)
What is the shelf life?
24 months.

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