What makes the Wile Hot Flash supplement different? 

Q&A with naturopathic physician Dr. Jillian Stansbury

What Makes the Wile Hot Flash Supplement Different from Wile

Hot flashes are the poster child/running joke for perimenopausal symptoms. What many don’t realize is that they are common post-menopause. Hot flashes and night sweats can come and go for years, even a decade or more. So managing hot flashes is pretty important. and be extremely disruptive. And they affect Black and Brown women the most.
That’s why we have a dedicated Wile Hot Flash supplement that also works for Night Sweats. Night sweats are really just hot flashes that occur during sleeping hours.
We asked Dr Jillian Stansbury, the naturopathic physician that helped us formulate Wile products some of your common questions about Wile Hot Flash.

Q: What makes Wile Hot Flash different?

A: The synergy of herbs addressing the endocrine, adrenal and nervous systems.

Combining different herbs creates a synergistic effect where the overall cumulative benefit is greater than what any individual ingredient can deliver alone. 
Also, herbs and natural materials are complex. They offer a variety of benefits, whereas many pharmaceutical ingredients are lab-formulated to deliver a single, targeted benefit only.

By combining four herbs, each acting via a different mechanism, Wile's formula is able to offer a multi-pronged approach to reducing hot flashes, night sweats, and other perimenopausal symptoms.  

Q: Why a dedicated Hot Flash formula?

A: It's one of the longest lasting issues of perimeonpause and post-menopause. And this is how we can address it best.

Some supplements may only have a trace amount of an herb, not enough for a true benefit. Others may be just a single herb or two, with just a single mechanism of action. By creating targeted capsules, women can choose what they need, avoid kitchen-sink formulas containing herbs that they don’t need. This also means each capsule delivers enough of the plant material to really make a positive impact. 
No two women have the same experience in perimenopause and by nature, it’s a changing situation. We designed Wile supplements to change with you, so you take only what you need. And if you have hot flashes or night sweats, you can take the Hot Flash supplement alone or combine it with Wile Perimenopause Support  for even more positive benefits, more synergy. 

Q: Can you take us through each of the key ingredients? Let’s start with Sage. 

A: Sage is a time-honored medicine for heavy perspiration.

In many herbal traditions of the world, it is believed to have a "drying" effect on hot and damp conditions such as hot flashes.

Q: Kudzu is a well-known ingredient for perimenopausal symptoms. Why is that? 

A: Because it works as a phytoestrogen and more. 

Kudzu (Pueraria mirifica) is in the bean family, noted for its many safe and gentle phytoestrogens. Kudzu has been used as a female anti-aging and sexual tonic in Southwestern Asia and modern research has identified puerarin, miroestrol, and other hormonally active phytoestrogens that contribute to the folkloric reputation of the plant for supporting healthy hormonal balance.

Q: What about Hops?  

A: Hops (Humulus lupulus) contains one of the more potent phytoestrogens known.

Prenyl-naringenin, a compound able to bind to estrogen receptors in the body.  Many research studies have shown hops to improve sleep and help alleviate hot flashes in menopausal states.
Hops and Sage help almost every woman's hot flashes in my experience.

Q: Are our estrogen receptors affected by perimenopause or menopause?

A: No, even post-menopause, you still have all the estrogen receptors throughout your body. 

Your body simply isn’t making the same quantities of estrogen that bind to those receptors.hytoestrogens, are plant estrogens that bind to our hormone receptors and elicit  many of the same effects. They simply do it at lower concentrations at a lower concentration than bioidentical, synthetic or the natural estrogen made in your own body.

Q: Another well-known ingredient we use is vitex, or Chaste Tree Berry. What’s special about it?

A: Vitex is very well known because it has been well used.

* Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex agnus castus) was used in ancient European folk medicine to support normal menstrual cycles and treat breast pain, PMS, and menopausal complaints.  Modern research suggests that the small peppercorn-like fruits act via hormone regulating pathways in the brain, supporting progesterone, and optimizing tissue levels of hormones.

Q: We're happy to see that HRT is gaining acceptance and more awareness as an option for perimenopause. How is Wile Hot Flash different? 

A: There are a number of ways. 

More than just a "hormone replacement therapy" (HRT), such herbal combinations are preferred by Naturopathic physicians and Functional Medicine doctors due to their gentle, nourishing, hormone-balancing actions. They are effective in alleviating symptoms, yet do not appear to carry the same risks as pharmaceutical HRT or synthetic hormone prescriptions. 
With the use of different phytoestrogens, the cooling and drying effects of sage, and the hormone-regulating actions of Chaste Tree Berry, Wile's Hot Flash formula hits multiple targets at once.  

Not everyone is a candidate for HRT.  

It can also be difficult to find a physician willing to create custom hormone prescriptions. It can be hard to find a compounding pharmacy to fill bioidentical hormone blends, and also hard for some to afford it. Or to even find the time to get the care you want or need. 
Not all doctors are well-versed in offering individualized hormone prescriptions. . For those who do not or cannot choose HRT,  herbal alternatives can be highly effective. They have a long history of safe use, and many decades of modern research. . Every one of the ingredients used in our Hot Flash formula is also backed by clinical studies. 
Herbal alternatives can be a safe and gentle option when pharmaceutical HRT is contraindicated.  For example, women with a history of breast cysts, breast cancer or endometrial cancer are told not to use HRT. HRT is also contraindicated for women  who’ve experienced blood clots.
And lastly, women who choose HRT will not remain on it forever. Once a person stops using HRT, she is right back to the same situation of experiencing symptoms from rapid hormonal decline.  
Then there are two options: the all-too-common approach of having to “tough it out” until such symptoms stop, which can be a few months to many years. Or herbs and other alternative therapies to provide symptom relief.  Many alternative and functional medicine providers are of the opinion that you may as well avoid HRT altogether and treat menopausal issues with natural medicines in the first place. 

Q: What else is good to know about phytoestrogens? 

A: Research thus far indicates phytoestrogens do not carry the same risks or contraindications as pharmaceutical hormones.

It is worth noting the research on phytoestrogens and cancer risk has not been extensive or conclusive, but this is very encouraging.

There is even data indicating there may be an amphoteric action of plant phytoestrogens - meaning that these hormone-like compounds in plants can help support a woman’s hormone levels when low.

For example, post-menopause, phytoestrogens may bind to estrogen receptors providing an estrogenic effect when estorgen is low.
Phytoestrogens may also reduce excessive hormone levels when too high - a fairly common situation called  hyperestrogenism.  
Perimenopausal women may experience both extremes as they transition and have phases of hormonal excess, making phytoestrogens perfect due to their ability to smooth the ups and downs of fluctuating hormones.

Thank you Dr. Stansbury! 

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This article is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace a one-on-one medical consultation with a professional. Wile, Inc researches and shares information and advice from our own research and advisors. We encourage every woman to research, ask questions and speak to a trusted health care professional to make her own best decisions.
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