Hot Flashes - What Really Causes Them And What To Do About Them

Hot Flashes - What Really Causes Them And What To Do About Them

In part one of our hot flash guide, we covered the basics of hot flashes: how to recognize if you’re having a hot flash, what causes them, and how long you can expect them to last. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about natural remedies for hot flashes. Consider this to be your miracle menopause pocket guide! (If you missed part one, make sure to read Hot Flash 101.)

What Can I Do About Hot Flashes? 

The thing about hot flashes and how we experience them is that it mostly has to do with genetics—but one area you can influence is your lifestyle. If hot flashes or night sweats are particularly intense or frequent, it may be worthwhile to try an elimination “diet” of certain foods, habits, or activities (we’ll talk about each of these categories below.) Try to track changes you make with a diary, adhere to the elimination for at least two weeks, and see if those changes help give you night sweat or hot flash relief. 

Hot Flash Triggers to Avoid

You’re likely to find that cutting down on these triggers will have an effect on how frequent or intense your hot flashes are. Unfortunately, many of these things are either pleasurable or unavoidable. 

Common Hot Flash Triggers:

In time, you may find that you have your own unique triggers to add to this list. Being a woman is nonstop fun, right?

Let’s be real: we all want to be able to unwind with a glass of wine or have our morning coffee...  but we don’t want hot flashes showing up in the middle of a big meeting (or anywhere else for that matter). There’s another caveat: even if you know all your triggers and do your darndest to avoid them, you may still get hot flashes anyway. Womp, womp.  

What If I’m Still Having Hot Flashes?

You’ve done your part, you’ve cut down on hot flash triggers and yet they’re still showing up to annoy and frustrate you. So where do we go from here? The answer may lie within the very thing that made us this way: Mother Nature.

You might be surprised to learn that for generations, women have been using plants to manage their hormonal wellness without synthetic hormones or other issues. And the naturopath who has spent thousands of hours working with women and developing our unique Wile formulas will agree. But how will you know which plant-based hot flash supplements work best, and is there any proof that they’ll really help?

The answer is yes. Clinical studies are now verifying that plants are easily recognized by our bodies and can naturally support us from within without worrisome side effects. They also allow you to stack the supplements you need while leaving the ones you don’t behind. 

That’s where Wile comes in. We’ve developed a unique, vegan, and 100% naturopathic hot flash supplement. It helps reduce the frequency, length, and severity of hot flash symptoms and night sweats. Amazing? Yes. Yes it is. 

Our Hot Flash supplement contains all-natural ingredients like:

  • Lifenol®
  • Kudzu
  • Humulu Lupulus/Hops Extract
  • Salvia Officinalis 
  • Vitex 

All of these things are powerful, plant-based ingredients with one goal: to target hot flash symptoms and give you relief. 

Personalizing Your Perimenopause Supplement Stack

Being able to mix and match your hormonal wellness supplement stack is key to customizing your own life experience, because not every woman is the same. Our bodies are different; our needs diverse. You might be suffering from non-stop moodiness and hot flashes while your mom bestie rages at the sky and struggles to sleep at night. 

And ultimately, you are the expert at your own body. You know what feels right versus what feels kind of meh. 

As we mentioned, plant-based supplements can often be used together depending on the needs you have. Struggling with hot flashes and stress at the same time? You can pair our Hot Flash relief supplement with our Un-Worry tincture for a smoother, cooler, easier time. Feel like eating your feelings or burnt out over burnout? You can do something about it. 

With Wile, the power is yours. Mix and match your natural perimenopause stack by clicking here

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This article is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace a one-on-one medical consultation with a professional. Wile, Inc researches and shares information and advice from our own research and advisors. We encourage every woman to research, ask questions and speak to a trusted health care professional to make her own best decisions.
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