How to Build Your Wile Regimen: A Intro to Wile Products

Get an introduction to Wile products with guidelines on when and why to choose what's best for you. 

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No two people have the same journey through their 40s and 50s. 

Even two biological sisters can have different perimenopausal symptoms and experiences.

We designed Wile with this truth in mind. 

Formulated by a naturopathic physician, Wile is designed to mix and match. Use what meets your needs, your habits and your lifestyle—so you’ll actually use the stuff. 

(Anyone else have a beauty product or self-care graveyard in their medicine cabinet? All those products you never actually used? ) 

Then change your regimen as you do.

We designed our system to fit how people live and how bodies and lives change. 

Build your Wile regimen to:

Start Early and Get Ahead of Perimenopause 

You can start with the foundations, tinctures and drinks before hard-core perimenopausal symptoms hit. 

Adjust as Perimenopause and LIfe Change 

Target specific products as your body and life circumstances change and call for new support. 

Find Hormone Balance for Women Over 40 

What worked in your 30s may not work now, as hormones change. And effect us in many different ways (THE SHIFT). Our line is designed specifically and holistically for the complex needs of women in the throes of life and body. 

Be Real about Your Habits 

Some of us thrive on pill boxes, to-dos and routines. Some basically live with a coffee in hand. Others feel like a dog toy in the mouth of a pitbull, shaken and chewed up by spikes in stress, busyness or mood swings throughout the day. 

For that reason, we have three types of products: capsules, tinctures and drinks. Start where you are. 

Respond to life triggers and longer term symptoms 

The flexibility between steady, daily support (capsules), 911 fast relief (tinctures) and drinks lets you rise to the day’s demands while sustaining better hormonal balance throughout this life phase. 

Here’s why you'd choose each type of Wile product, from managing perimenopausal symptoms to getting throughs stressful days. 

1 - Start with capsules: Daily support for the big stuff

The foundation: Wile Perimenopause Support

Over 40? You need this.

It starts here. Get daily support for the biggest challenges of thriving in this life phase: Wile Perimenopause Support

There’s been a gap in hormone balance for women over 40 or 50. This answers it. And it’s designed specifically for the hormonal needs of women over 40, stress hormones included! 

Women’s health is often treated like it’s all periods, pregnancy and breast cancer. Yes and...

Since stress skyrockets and hormones start to shift in our 40s, Wile’s three-system support is essential. Wile Perimenopause Support helps develop a healthier baseline for your: 

- endocrine system (sex hormones) for overall hormonal support 

- adrenal system (stress hormones) for stress resilience and stress relief 

- nervous system (neurotransmitters)  for stress and emotional well-being 

What if I’m under 40?

If you’re under 40, and showing signs of shifting hormones and possible perimenopausal symptoms, this is for you, too. 40 is the general timeline when hormones often start to shift for most of us.

2 - Target specific issues with other Wile capsules 

Our targeted capsules dial in common perimenopausal symptoms that hit after 40. They can be used alone or with our Perimenopause Support supplement to increase the benefits and speed to relief.


Feeling more mood swings, less focus or greater stress? Add Women’s Stress

Mood and focus issues can start early and well before your period starts to change. Yeah, you feel different but you’re not sure perimenopausal yet? 
At Wile, we call this early era The Shift. 

Yet these emotional and mental effects often continue all through your 40s and into your 50s. (Yes, the brain fog is normal! You're not going crazy!)

Women’s Stress is a daily way to meet the everyday challenges of life and silently shifting hormones.

Wile 40+ Period Support is for you if any of these are true:

-  More mood swings than before

- Moods are changing - more sad, more irritable than usual 

- Focus is off and distractability is up 

- You are misplacing things, forgetting appointments and other blips more than usual


Periods and cramps getting disruptive? Add Wile 40+ Period Support

Wile 40+ Period Support is for you if any of these are true:

-  Flow is erratic or heavy

- Periods are more painful than before

- PMS is more intense than before 

- Cramps are increasing or emerging


Hot flashes or night sweats have shown up? Add Hot Flash

Hot Flash is the symptom most commonly associated with menopause. They can span years, even a decade or more. 

Hot Flash  is for you if:

-  Hot flashes and night sweats are occasional to regular 

- You've had a few and want to contain the issue 

- The stress of them disrupts your composure and life

- It's affecting your sleep and recovery 


Wile capsules provide ideal daily support: 

  • Use only what you need 
  • At higher concentrations to focus on key issues in effective dosages
  • Provide ongoing, steady support that ongoing issues need 
  • All created with best-of ingredients our naturopathic physician has used effectively with thousands of women in her 30 years of practice. 


3 - Triggered? Add tinctures for fast stress relief or mood support right when you need it. 

This life phase is intense. There are times you want to scream, hit something, lose it or just take to your bed. And that may be 2-25 times a day. 

We get it. So we created a suite of go-to tinctures. A dropper or two can help prevent a triggered response, close the stress cycle and give you a positive go-to in lieu of a drink or other coping mechanism. 

Each is designed around a common stress response, and the names tell you just want they do: 

Wile Un-Anger - for irritability, also great for PMS.

Wile Un-Worry - for rumination, occasional anxiety and spin. 

Wile Burnout Relief - when you’re feeling fried and fragile.

Tinctures are the ideal, in-the-moment stress relief because they: 

  • Provide instant gratification 
  • Act quickly - no gummy or pill or drink to digest
  • Go wherever stress does (everywhere) 
  • Are highly concentrated 

Tinctures are for you if:

- You’re the type who needs somewhere to “put” their stress - and perhaps you turn to snacking, venting, scrolling, wine or another outlet right away. 

- You have cyclical stress, like super intense PMS, work ramp-ups or other times where stress dials way up

- Hormonal or life changes are changing how you feel or process the world and you’re not comfortable with these changes. For example, it’s extremely common for irritability to increase or show up in your 40s. 

4 -  Replace coping habits with healthy support. 

Wile functional drinks help your habits serve you.

Behavioral scientists have found it is far easier and more successful to replace or build upon an already existing habit than to try to break a “bad” habit or introduce a new one. New Year's Resolutions teach us that every year. 

Wile drink mixes are here to make healthier support easy. 

Fighting stress eating? Try Stave the Crave 

We’re a nation of snackers. We love our treats, our nightly Netflix refreshments and our trusty drink next to our laptop or in the car to get us to the next thing. 

Yet often, these feel-good habits don’t serve our overall health but definitely serve a need. 

Wile drink mixes are for you if:

- You find it hard to change your habits

- you’ve developed one that’s not serving you

- You have a routine of drinking or eating something each day

- You forget to take pills or other types of supplements 

Stave the Crave replaces mindless or unwanted eating or drinking to reduce stress. This contains an herb that helps decrease sugar cravings. 

Calm & Collected helps replace jangled and stressed energy with calm focus. A great replacer for an afternoon coffee or nightly drink. It's great to help with sleep. 

Our quiz makes it easy to find what you need. 

There’s an even easier way to build your Wile regimen. If you haven’t yet: take our quiz. It will give you personalized recommendations based on what’s happening for you today. 

Recap & Tips: How to Build Your Wile Regimen

  • All Wile products can be used together.
  • 40+ Hormonal Support boosts the effects of everything else by helping your hormonal and stress resilience find a better baseline. 
  • You can use multiple capsules or tinctures in the same day.
  • Your hormonal and emotional needs are different after 40. What worked before may not work now. 
  • Capsules work for ongoing issues, tinctures and drinks are great for in-the-moment relief and creating supportive habits for stress relief. 
  • Adjust your regimen as life and your body change. 


This article is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace a one-on-one medical consultation with a professional. Wile, Inc researches and shares information and advice from our own research and advisors. We encourage every woman to research, ask questions and speak to a trusted health care professional to make her own best decisions.
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