What is a Tincture? And How Do I Use Tinctures?

What is a Wile Tincture Supplement?

We like tinctures. As supplements, they're quick, fast-acting and easy to reach for when we might otherwise go for a glass of wine, scrolling, the ice cream or any other coping mechanism that may not serve us well in the longer run.

Yet tinctures are fairly new to most people. We found that 95% of our consumers have not yet tried tinctures as health supplements.

So here’s a Tinc Tipsheet if you're interested in dropping in and chilling out.

What is a tincture?

Tinctures are highly concentrated liquid supplements. Wile's contain beneficial herbs, adaptogens and plant ingredients, distilled and designed to provide quick natural relief of stress symptoms. 

They come with a standard medicine dropper inside.

Wile tinctures are designed around specific stress responses—Anger, Worry and Burn Out.

These all-natural supplements use proven naturopathic ingredients to work on the body level, addressing the physical stress response (example: racing heart) as well as soothing the mind/mood level we'er often more aware of (example: "I wanna  throw my phone through the window").

How do Wile tinctures taste?

Like the concentrated plant-based goodness they are. Surprisingly good to some. Appealing natural to many.  A bit strong for other folks. We actually feel a "bloom" when we take a tincture. Feel the real!

The taste dissipates quickly, it's just a dropper or two. 

If they tasted too good, that would indicate either a lot of added flavoring, synthetic ingredients or a formula that is not concentrated and therefore perhaps less beneficial. 

If the taste is strong starting out, you’ve got options. Read on.

How do I take a tincture? 

Take a full dropper or two.

Aim the liquid on your tongue or better yet, under it (called sublingual) for fastest effects.

Sublingual has two benefits:

  • The tincture is absorbed even more quickly and directly.
  • Tastebuds are on the tongue, so the flavor will be less intense. 

Why does a sublingual dosage work faster than a capsule or gummy?

Supplement pills and gummies go through the stomach and have to pass through the liver. Under the tongue, tinctures can absorb fast into your bloodstream. 

What if the taste is still a bit much for me?

Squirt your tincture into a wee bit of water – like an ounce or two. Then “shoot” it.

You can also add tinctures into a juice,  smoothie, tea or even a mocktail. It will take the edge off in a more productive way. You’ll still get the effects and a small hint of flavor,  but they won’t be as fast acting as sublingual. However, you can also add a second dropper to boost it up.

How do I use Wile tinctures? When should I take a tincture? 

As needed! They're great for on-the-go - keep in your handbag, laptop bag, next to your desk, even your car. They can go wherever stress may trigger you.

Take anytime, anywhere

Triggered? Try a tincture. Pop a dropper when a stressy situation arises, such as kid pickup, big meeting, social gathering, traffic, etc. They can be taken throughout the day. 

You can also use more than one type in a day. Maddening morning but angsty afternoon? Take what you need when you need it. Our Self-Carrying case was created to bring all the relief with you. 

Make it a ritual (and tap behavioral science) 

You can make your tincture a regularly scheduled break during stressful times. Add to a daily habit, like making coffee. Institute a mindful moment before you take lunch. This can give you a second to tune in. This will also create a happy habit loop in your brain, using the power of neurological pathways to  remind you that you’re taking care of you. Double the positive power!

Anything else to know?

Keeping them out of heat and direct sunlight will protect their efficacy and potency. 

Try Wile tinctures and let us know if you become a tincture fan, too.

Un-Anger tincture addresses irritability and that "gonna-lose it" quality. Because, yes, women are good and mad. We have plenty of legitimate reasons to feel angry but we don't always want to be swept away by it. Take note of your feelings and let Un-Anger help you in the moment.

Un-Worry tincture is for those times you're in the spin. If rumination, racing thoughts and feeling the nerves are a common stress response, this can help ease and calm. Take a dropper and a minute. 

Burnout Relief tincture is support in body and mind when you've been overfunctioning. Women are reporting burn out at record levels. You may feel exhausted, fragile, like you just can't do "it" anymore. This helps turn the lights back on so you can feel better in body and mind. (But please, get some rest, too). 

Happy tincturing! 


This article is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace a one-on-one medical consultation with a professional. Wile, Inc researches and shares information and advice from our own research and advisors. We encourage every woman to research, ask questions and speak to a trusted health care professional to make her own best decisions.
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