Why We Made Wile Libido Tincture

Raising the consciousness on low sex drive in women

 Why We Made the Wile Libido Tincture from Wile

We’ve all heard it: a woman’s #1 sex organ is her brain. 

So why is sexual wellness focused on toys and lubes—so external, even when internal? 
Why are we still centering male gaze, pleasure and anatomy? Right down to defining what sex* is?
Why is a woman’s libido her fault? A problem to fix? And not a call to living a full, more pleasure-filled life? 
These are just a few of the reasons we made Libido Tincture.

How Is Wile Libido Tincture Different?

This potent, pre-play tincture was made for the sex lives and real lives of women over 40. Intense, messy, thrilling, disappointing, rushed and so often centered on others. 
Our unique approach centers our pleasure in the two ways that matter most: in mind and body.  
Formulated by a naturopathic physician, Wile Libido Tincture:

  • Turns our brains down.
  • Yes, that #1 sex organ. And it’s true: Stress is a libido killer on a hormonal and emotional level. Studies show women have more "inhibitors" or turn-offs then men, and we're even more susceptible than men to stress and distraction as a libido damper. 
    Reearcher Rosemary Basson identified 6 types of mental pressures that prevent female brains from arousal, which then prevents desire and pleasure. Add the stress of this life phase and the stress effects of perimenopause.  No wonder we’re not always feeling it. 

    We specifically designed Wile Libido to help, knowing desire and pleasure as much (or more) mind as body. Our herbal blend puts the mental chatter and inner tension on low, so the desire can come through. 

  • Turns our bodies up.
  • We used the sexiest herbs on the planet to help us reconnect to these magical bodies of ours. Many women experience more challenges achieving orgasm during perimenopause or report loss of physical pleasure. Libido is here to help.
    Increasing your body awareness and response, LIbido’s blend boosts arousal, sensation and pleasure. And may make orgasms more likely, if that’s a priority. Sourced using plant medicine traditions from TCM to Ayurveda, from Mexico to the Andes to the Amazon to Thailand, these natural aphrodisiacs often have added bonuses like internal juiciness, mood boosters and hormonal support for women in this life phase. 
    That’s the complex beauty of plant compounds vs single-focus pharmaceuticals. 
    Wile Libido tincture was made to free our minds and our bodies, so we can enjoy sex more and maybe more often, with ourselves and with others.


    How to Use Wile Libido Tincture

    Just take 4 droppers—about 0.5 teaspoon—15 minutes before choosing to get sexy. 
    Make it a ritual. Make partnered play. Make it your little secret. 
    Just make yourself come alive again. 

    *About how our culture typically defines sex: 
    Sex is typically defined as penetration, and in heterosexual relationships, penis-in-vagina (P in V) penetration that results in a male orgasm. Yet less than 20% of women orgasm this way. So why is a low sex drive in women a surprise? Add this: the median “foreplay” lasts 10 minutes yet the typical woman needs 13.5 minutes to come. So let’s keep asking: why is this our problem to fix when some of the answers are so clear?


    This article is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace a one-on-one medical consultation with a professional. Wile, Inc researches and shares information and advice from our own research and advisors. We encourage every woman to research, ask questions and speak to a trusted health care professional to make her own best decisions.
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