Damn right
we’re hormonal.

Hormones have been stigmatized,
weaponized and made into a joke.

Truth is, they are our superpower, running everything from our sleep to our
thinking to our headspace to our stamina.

Let’s work with them, not against them.

Hormones do far more than we learned about in health class, affecting overall health in the body.

And grown women have stress–so much so that we call the stress hormone cortisol an honorary female hormone. It has big impacts on our system and even what we think of as perimenopause.

Less progesterone and more stress lead to many “symptoms” we attribute to aging, to perimenopause, to anxiety and more. That’s why Wile targets stress hormones in addition to estrogen and progesterone.
When we feel stressed or threatened, our brains choose to make coritisol at the expense of progesterone.
Under constant stress, cortisol begins to take over the system, causing all sorts of problems.


The best known “female” hormone, estrogens drives femme characteristics and much of reproduction but also works in our cognitive, bone and cardiovascular health and more.
The chill hormone, made by ovaries, uterus and adrenals. It keeps periods from going heavy and has lesser known powers to soothe mood and sleep.
Our inner alarm system, this stress hormone is here to kick us up a notch when needed. It also helps control blood sugar, metabolism, inflammation and even memory formation.


Clinical studies are now verifying it. Plants are easily recognized by our bodies and can naturally support us from within without worrisome side effects.

Made for Your Ecosystem

Many companies sell a single ingredient or do a “package by numbers” that simply add an ingredient per symptom. Wile looks at women and formulations holistically, because that’s how our bodies and nature really work.

Our formulas include these ingredient types:


Plant compounds can act like estrogens in the body. These flex to offer gentle support when estrogen is low or high.


Help smooth signs of acute and chronic stress, helping build our stress resilience and response.


Help ease occasional anxiety and depression, overwhelm, irritability and on-edginess.


Our formulas rest on nutritive herbs, delivering stronger herbs in a gentle, digestible base to improve efficacy.