Holy Basil for Stress and Occasional Anxiety

Burnout and stress seem inevitable for women over 40.  Holy Basil can help neutralize stress and fight fatigue.  

Holy Basil for Stress and Occasional Anxiety

Long Live Holy Basil, the Queen of Herbs

It’s no secret that we at Wile love medicinal herbs of all sorts. Still, not every herb holds the high honor of being referred to in Ayurveda as the “Queen of Herbs” and the “Elixir of Life.” Holy basil, which is also available under the Hindi and Sanskrit names Tulsi and Tulasi, is a powerful adaptogenic plant with a stunning cultural and medicinal history. After all, you don’t get crowned Queen for nothing. 

Why We Love Holy Basil

  • Normal hormonal shifts and increasing familial, social, and professional demands mean that for women 40ish and up, burnout and stress are almost inevitable. However, we’re strong believers that you shouldn’t have to admit defeat and give in to the stress. Holy basil contains adaptogens that neutralize stress and fight fatigue. Bring on the balance!
  • This herb’s safety and efficacy are backed by thousands of years of traditional use, as well as clinical testing. Like a truly great ruler, her majesty Holy Basil unites the worlds of tradition and research under the common cause of health and wellness. 
  • Ongoing research keeps turning up more and more benefits of holy basil. This is one herb to watch.

Key Benefits: 

Balances your nervous system - holy basil contains adaptogens, which are compounds inside some plants and mushrooms that help your body and your mood maintain equilibrium. Unlike stimulants that only speed up your nervous system or depressants that only slow it down, adaptogens can do both. They respond to your body’s chemical needs and can boost OR calm your nervous system to maintain balance.

Relieves occasional depressed mood - many people have found that taking holy basil can lift feelings of depression. Clinical research on holy basil for occasional depression also looks promising.

Reduces stress - sometimes you need a little something to take the edge off, and unfortunately alcohol consumption isn’t always a responsible option (driving car pool, we’re looking at you). Thankfully, holy basil is an effective and holistic stress reducer, as it reduces cortisol.

Improves sleep - another benefit of holy basil’s ability to reduce cortisol is that it can improve sleep and ease insomnia. 

Soothes aches and pains - holy basil has naturally-occurring analgesic, or pain-relieving properties.

Traditional Uses:

Holy basil, or tulsi, is highly important and even revered in Ayurveda. After all, no one starts calling an herb “the elixir of life” unless they’re serious about its value.

One of the reasons holy basil is so respected is because of its vast range of traditional uses, including: 

  • infectious conditions
  • gastrointestinal conditions
  • Urinary ailments
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Back pain 
  • Heart disease

About the Plant: 

Holy basil is native to India and South East Asia. Like culinary basil, it is a shrub with fragrant green or (sometimes) purple leaves and small flowers. Despite their similar appearance, though, the two plants are distinct species and culinary basil doesn’t have all the same medicinal benefits that holy basil offers. 

Found In Wile Tinctures:

Things to Know about Holy Basil:

Holy basil is considered very safe, but people taking blood thinners should avoid its use. It is also not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Clinical Research

  • Low dose Holy Basil may reduce stress, improve sleep: Study
  • Disclaimer

    This article is intended for informational purposes and is not intended to replace a one-on-one medical consultation with a professional. Wile, Inc researches and shares information and advice from our own research and advisors. We encourage every woman to research, ask questions and speak to a trusted health care professional to make her own best decisions.
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