Tranq Dranq
Tranq Dranq
Tranq Dranq
Tranq Dranq

Tranq Dranq

Drinkable stress relief
30 day supply


Stress-relieving adaptogenic drink to relax and unwind, deliciously. 

This hibiscus-berry drink mix bites stress way back with adaptogens and herbs that act on mental and physical tension. By day, night or before sleep. It's serenity now without troublesome side effects. 

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Gluten Free

"I've started drinking this every night before bed. It's my new favorite thing."

- Emily, 40

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Can I drink Tranq Dranq every day?
Yes. Our formulas are made up of all natural ingredients and can be used for daily support. However, limit yourself to 3 servings daily - these are potent formulas!
Can I have Tranq Dranq with other supplements or medications?
Our products are all-natural and can be used in conjunction with other Wile products. Please speak to your primary physician before taking Tranq Dranq with other medications.
What does Tranq Dranq taste like?
It's got a hibiscus-berry flavor with a little bit of tang that we're becoming obsessed with! Think tropical flavor that's not too sweet.
How do I drink Tranq Dranq?
It's delicious on its own in hot water, but mixes really well with herbal teas. Try it in a vanilla protein shake, fruit juice or yogurt, too. You can enjoy in cold water, seltzer or flavored seltzer but remember this is an herbal blend so there is some body to it. Keep on stirring to get that goodness!
Is there caffeine in Tranq Dranq?
No, there is no added caffeine or stimulants in this formula - nor anything sedating! Try it instead of an afternoon coffee and see if it doesn't help you feel better vs cranking you up! We find it leaves us feeling good, positive energy.
What is the shelf life?
24 months.

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